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Belletrice Cosmetics

Oxygenating ampoules

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Active ingredient concentrate for the treatment of oxygen-deficient skin.

New strengthened collagen fibers strengthen the skin tissue and give the skin firmness. New energy strengthens the mechanical properties of the skin and gives a fresh look. The restoring active ingredient complex rebuilds the energetic reserves of the epidermis and constantly and subtly supplies the skin with new energy. A strengthening, skin-tightening and reparative effect on stressed, stressed skin also serves as protection against external influences. Supports the skin's own regenerative activity and counteracts the formation of comedones. Has an anti-inflammatory and skin-clarifying effect.

Phytokines: Vegetable extract of bacteriologically processed soy proteins, stimulates the fibroblasts and has a restructuring effect on the dermis.

Glycogen: Biomarine active ingredient. Biosaccharides from highly purified mussel shell powder. An important bio-energetic factor for all living skin cells.

Skin types Combination skin, normal/dry skin, sensitive skin, sensitive mature skin, mature skin
Problem solver Couperose, large pores, skin irritations, wrinkles on the neck and décolleté, dry and flaky skin
Concentrate system

About fiction

Belletrice offers you a decisive advantage: all care products combine high-quality active ingredients from nature with the latest scientific findings in modern medicine. Thanks to the stronger effect, a positive change in the skin's appearance occurs after just a short period of use, giving the skin unexpected freshness and radiance. See for yourself!

Skin tolerance

Our products are particularly skin-friendly and tested by dermatologists. If you require individual advice, you can contact us by telephone.

    Oxygenating ampoules
    Oxygenating ampoules

    our promise

    • Natural ingredients

      Our products are made from 90% natural ingredients.

    • Skin-friendly

      Our products are particularly skin-friendly and tested by dermatologists.

    • Advice

      If you wish, you can receive advice from us on site or by telephone.

    • Made in Germany

      Our products are all produced in Germany.